Prying Open & Organizing the He-Man Box

Box Labelled "He-Man"I have the power!…” and the time to clean the basement, so here we go.  Finally dug in last week and went through one of the boxes marked “He-Man” to see exactly what was hanging out inside.  I wasn’t surprised to find it filled to the top with guys, vehicles, castles, etc.

Me and He-Man, we go way back.

Opening up the "He-Man" box

A jolt of memories fired up as I sifted through a load of action figures.  My late grandmother was a generous toy buyer for her grandkids (read: spoiled the h*ll out of us), and more than once I can recall opening up a heaping box of b-day present toys sent over from her.

While we’re reminiscing, let’s crack open an old photo album and take a look at a picture of a young lad (me) unwrapping an action figure.

A Portrait of the Collector as a Young Man

This one turns out to be the vintage He-Man MOTU action figure called Dragstor (one of Hordak’s inventions that became a psychologically embattled member of his Evil Horde, if you really care to know).

For this picture, we’ll give a little nod to James Joyce and call it ‘A Portrait of the Collector as a Young Man‘.

At final count, the box contained about 60 Masters of the Universe action figures.  A solid 85% of them are in very good shape, with extremes from like-new to like-not-so-new.  My man Spikor somehow lost his legs– I’m looking at you, Land Shark

(From that video I think Land Shark might be vegetarian. Look at him go for the leaves.)

Anyway, I sorted out the He-Men into a chest of drawers and I’ll be going through to take pictures and check-off all the weapons & accessories.  My next step is to do some eBay research and ask questions on the Forums to see what I can find for selling info.  Stick around.

Organizing the dresserVintage MOTU drawer heroesVintage MOTU drawer villainsVintage MOTU drawer vehicles

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