MOTU Photo Shoot & NES Discoveries

Welcome back, it’s been an exciting week in the basement. As the Dude would say, “New sh*t has come to light.”

First things first, I did a photo shoot with a dozen of the MOTU figures.

Remember HS senior pictures? Like that, but minus the decorative ficus and cheap ivy-league blue blazer.  The only ambiance here was Castle Grayskull in the background.

Sy-Klone Posing @ Greyskull

Sy-Klone in a contemplative pose @ Castle Greyskull

Shockingly, all of the figures could stand on their own after 25 years in a box. MOTU are notorious for loose-joints.

And, all of the various accessories (swords, spears, time keys, etc.) were present & accounted for.  Fan-tastic.

Here’s a few pictures of the first dozen Masters of the Universe out of the box.

He-Man "Phase 1" Photo Group

He-Man "Phase 1" Photo Group

He-Man "Phase 1" Photo Group III

He-Man "Phase 1" Photo Group II

He-Man "Phase 1" Photo Group III

He-Man "Phase 1" Photo Group III

As I mentioned in the last post “Prying Open and Organizing the He-Man Box“, a few of the figures are battle scarred, but on the whole they’re in very good condition.  Hope to post a few for auction on eBay within the next week.

Box of Nintendo Power magazines

Nintendo Power Nostalgia in a Box

So, enough with the MOTU for now… on to new discoveries.

Here it is– I uncovered a box of my old Nintendo Power magazines (including a few copies of Super Mario Bros 2, issue #1).  Not sure how long I kept the subscription going back in the day, but it looks like there’s at least 60 issues in there.

Nintendo Power in the Trapper Keeper

Nintendo Power posters + Issue #1: Trapped & Kept

The bad news: for some d*mn reason when I was a kid, I decided it was a good idea to remove the Nintendo Power posters from the magazines.  The good news:  found them all right in the same box, filed neatly away in a Trapper Keeper.  Nice.

This weekend: more MOTU photo shoots on the way.  Talk soon, B.

  • Thunder Punch He-Man
  • Battle-Armor He-Man
  • Fisto
  • Mekaneck
  • Rio Blast
  • Orko
  • Gwildor
  • Rokkon
  • Sorceress
  • Stonedar
  • Sy-Klone
  • King Randor
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