He-Man Cartoons: Now Playing on YouTube

Between FailBlog and Keyboard Cat, YouTube has always provided my friends and I with hours of entertainment.  I didn’t realize the true power of YouTube’s addictiveness until I found “HeMan’s Channel.”

You can watch the first 13 full cartoon episodes of “He-Man and the Masters of the Universe” Season 1 on YouTube.

Choose your ad option

Choose your ad option before watching

Before watching each episode, you are asked to choose between one of two advertisement options:

  1. a few 14-second commercial interruptions during the show, or
  2. one long 192-second commercial at the beginning (with none after that)

Pick your poison.  Either way, watching online on-demand far outweighs a few commercial breaks.

After you’ve chosen, you get about a minute of loading and then…
the xylophone roll starts and “Filmation presents” wipes onto the screen.  That can only mean one thing.

Filmation presents... He-Man!

Filmation presents... He-Man!


Pop quiz: who are the only three characters who know He-Man’s secret identity?




Full episode list @ Internet Movie DB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0126158/episodes
Episode Summaries: http://webspace.webring.com/people/fu/um_7409/episode.html

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2 Responses to He-Man Cartoons: Now Playing on YouTube

  1. Crab says:

    Orko, right? (I didn’t watch the channel yet)

    • Jawohl, you got it Crab. Orko.

      I was hoping someone would guess Skeletor… just for the sake of irony. Either way, here’s an LOL YouTube clip of Skeletor insulting random people:

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