MOTU Mini-Comics Checklist

MOTU Mini-comics

MOTU Mini-comics

Every MOTU action figure originally came with a mini-comic in the package. The comics are mostly origin stories, and turned out to be one of the main features of their collectibility.

Plus, the books were (and still are) really fun to read.

Especially the first wave of books– penciled by DC and Marvel artists. Want to read them? They’re all online @ Comics

As I went through my own stack, I started to wonder how many comics actually existed. A quick search revealed this: a Masters of the Universe Mini-Comics Checklist by “synthalus” from the forums. Excellent work, sir.

The books are sorted by year, and the titles in italics are the books I lost/do not have.


☐ He-Man & the Power Sword
☐ King of Castle Grayskull
Battle in the Clouds
☐ The Vengeance of Skeletor


☐ The Magic Stealer!
☐ He-Man Meets Ram-Man
☐ The Ordeal of Man-E-Faces
☐ The Terror of Tri-Klops
☐ The Menace of Trap Jaw
The Tale of Teela
☐ The Power of… Point Dread!


Siege of Avion
☐ Dragon’s Gift
☐ Masks of Power
☐ He-Man and the Insect People
☐ Slave City
☐ The Secret Liquid of Life
☐ The Temple of Darkness
Double-Edged Sword
☐ Spikor Strikes
☐ The Clash of Arms


☐ The Obelisk
☐ The Battle of Roboto
Leech: The Master of Power Suction Unleashed!
☐ Grizzlor: The Legend Comes Alive!
☐ Mantenna and the Menace of the Evil Horde!
☐ Hordak: The Ruthless Leader’s Revenge!
Skeletor’s Dragon
☐ The Stench of Evil


☐ The Treachery of Modulok
The Flying Fists of Power
☐ The Terror Claws Strike!
☐ Rock People to the Rescue
Escape from the Slime Pit!
☐ King of the Snake Men
☐ The Fastest Draw in the Universe
Between a Rock and a Hard Place!
☐ The Warrior Machine
Snake Attack!
The Menace of Multi-Bot
☐ Eye of the Storm
☐ The Hordes of Hordak


☐ The Ultimate Battleground!
☐ The Search for Keldor
☐ Revenge of the Snake Men
☐ The Cosmic Key
Energy Zoids
☐ Enter: Buzz-saw Hordak!
☐ The Powers of Grayskull – The Legend Begins!

Also, here is a webpage showing which comics came with which figure(s):

OpenOffice Spreadsheet paste

OpenOffice screen shot

Or download it below in OpenOffice ODT text document format. Then you can copy -> paste special as “unformatted text” into a spreadsheet, and separate the columns out by ‘Tab’. (see screenshot at left for some visual how-to guidance)

Click here to download: motu_figure_minicomics.odt

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