Prying Open & Organizing the He-Man Box

Box Labelled "He-Man"I have the power!…” and the time to clean the basement, so here we go.  Finally dug in last week and went through one of the boxes marked “He-Man” to see exactly what was hanging out inside.  I wasn’t surprised to find it filled to the top with guys, vehicles, castles, etc.

Me and He-Man, we go way back.

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What’s in those boxes back there?

I’m embarking on my new project of downsizing & minimizing, with Step 1 being to go through the random clutter I’ve stuffed away in random dark corners over the past 30 years.  Hmm, looks like there’s a lot.  Bear with me.  However, good news: in two boxes I found down in the basement, the clutter has turned out to be a trip down memory lane.

Cardboard Treasure Chests

A pair of 24" x 36" cardboard treasure chests

Have you ever cleaned out a room, uncovering a long-forgotten box of toys & collectibles?

I found a couple of them, each bursting with various 80s & 90s toys from my childhood.  And I’ve decided to start a little eBay adventure to try and empty out the corner.

But first, 3 things you should know:

  1. I’m a graphics guy,
  2. I have lots of time on my hands,
  3. 110% is a slacker’s pace once I get into something

And, friends, I’m all-in on this one.  So at this point my decluttering has turned into a full-fledged design project; you can expect the logos, templates and images to follow soon hereafter.

Say “hello” to Nostalgia-In-A-Box.

Talk again soon.  B

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