Action Figure Jargon 101: Collecting & Valuing Terms

As I was doing some research on how to list my old MOTU toys, I had to search around for info about some confusing abbreviations I found.  Two sites were helpful for me, so I want to list them here for reference.

For more how-to rating info, see my previous post:

1.) eBay:

Get to know the specialized terms that help collectors organize their figures and collections.

  • A/O: All Original. The doll comes complete with everything it came with originally.
  • Book value: Price of a particular figure.
  • Collectible: Any action figure that you can collect. The most valuable collectible action figures are in high demand and low supply.
  • Exclusives: Exclusive figures are often found at retailers that can order in large quantities. These retailers ask for figures that will only be available at their stores.
  • HTF: Hard to find.
  • Limited edition: Figures that are not produced in large quantities. Often figures that are not expected to sell well will find themselves with the moniker “Limited Edition.”
  • Mail-in premiums: Mail-in premiums were originally only offered through the mail. Often you needed to clip and send in “proofs of purchase” for the figures.
  • MIB: Mint in box. Factory condition in original box.
  • MIP: Mint in package. Similar to MIB except all accessories are in their packages.
  • Mint & complete: The figure has all the accessories and is in excellent shape.
  • MNB: Mint, no box.
  • NM: Near mint.
  • NRFB: Never removed from box.
  • Prototype: Prototype action figures are designs that never made it to production. These were often factory-only figures to help designers and marketers develop the product. Possibly the most famous prototype is the Boba Fett with the firing rocketpack.
  • Semi-exclusive: Semi-exclusives are similar to exclusives, but are often offered to more than one store. However, the stores that receive semi-exclusives are often not in the same geographic area.
  • Shortpacks: Shortpacked action figures arrive in a limited quantity compared to other figures in the line. Sometimes this is done due to higher production costs, expected limited demand, or to specifically make one figure more valuable.
  • Variation: Variation action figures have been changed. Often a mistake in production is noted and the figure is pulled, fixed, and then reissued. Variations can become valuable since they are usually limited in supply.

via eBay Guides – Action Figures Buying Guide

2.) Toy Catacomb:

What is the “C” Scale?

The “C” Scale is a grading system used to grade new and used figures on a descending scale of C9.5 to C1.

Below is the “C” scale we use to grade our inventory @ Toy Catacomb.

  • C9.5 – Figure is in mint condition, without any visible flaws or defects. Expect a high price because it’s very rare to find a figure like this.
  • C9.0 – Figure is in near mint condition with very few minor flaws (barely noticeable unless you search hard).
  • C8.5 – Figure has some very minor areas of wear and may have small flaws.
  • C8.0 – Figure has minor paint/sticker wear, may have minor stains, discoloration, and stress marks but no damage.
  • C7.5 – Figure has some play, paint/sticker wear and may have some stains, discoloration and stress marks.
  • C7.0 – Figure has play wear, moderate paint/sticker wear and may have moderate stains, discoloration, and stress marks. Figure is still collection worthy up to this point.
  • C6.5 – Figure has more play and paint/sticker wear, and may have stains, discoloration, and stress marks. Figure may have a broken part.
  • C6.0 – Figure has heavy play wear, paint/sticker wear and may have heavy stains, discoloration, and stress marks. Figure may have one or more broken/repaired parts.
  • C5.5 – Figure has heavy wear damage, repairs and stains/discoloration.
  • C5.0 – Figure has many flaws, wear, tears, stains/discoloration and may be broken.
  • C4.5 – Figure has major flaws, and play wear (tears, stains/discoloration) and may be broken.
  • C4.0 – Figure shows severe play wear, damage and may be used for parts.
  • C3.5 – Figure has many usable parts and major damage.
  • C3.0 – Figure that has some usable parts and major damage.
  • C2.5 – Figure that has few usable parts and major damage.
  • C2.0 – Figure has very few useable parts and severe damage.
  • C1.5 – Figure is in very poor condition.
  • C1.0 – Figure cannot be salvaged for parts. We throw these out.

Other Terms

  • LOOSE – Figure is without packaging
  • MOC – Mint On Card
  • MOSC – Mint On Sealed Card
  • MIB – Mint In Box
  • MISB – Mint In Sealed Box

via Toy Catacomb:

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