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Action Figure Jargon 101: Collecting & Valuing Terms

As I was doing some research on how to list my old MOTU toys, I had to search around for info about some confusing abbreviations I found. Two sites were helpful for me, so I want to list them here for reference.

For more how-to rating info, see my previous post: Continue reading

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How to rate the condition of your action figures

Now that I’m getting ready to start putting my old MOTU guys from childhood up on eBay, I’ve run into a pretty common stumbling block: is it sellable, or is it scrap? I asked that question on the forums, … Continue reading

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Prying Open & Organizing the He-Man Box

“I have the power!…” and the time to clean the basement, so here we go.  Finally dug in last week and went through one of the boxes marked “He-Man” to see exactly what was hanging out inside.  I wasn’t surprised … Continue reading

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What’s in those boxes back there?

I’m embarking on my new project of downsizing & minimizing, with Step 1 being to go through the random clutter I’ve stuffed away in random dark corners over the past 30 years.  Hmm, looks like there’s a lot.  Bear with … Continue reading

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