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MOTU Action Figures Checklist

My last post offered a MOTU Mini-Comics Checklist, so in this post I wanted to put together a MOTU Action Figure Checklist. This information was pulled from a visual list of all of the Masters of the Universe figures, via … Continue reading

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MOTU Mini-Comics Checklist

Every MOTU action figure originally came with a mini-comic in the package. The comics are mostly origin stories, and turned out to be one of the main features of their collectibility. Plus, the books were (and still are) really fun … Continue reading

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He-Man Cartoons: Now Playing on YouTube

Between FailBlog and Keyboard Cat, YouTube has always provided my friends and I with hours of entertainment.  I didn’t realize the true power of YouTube’s addictiveness until I found “HeMan’s Channel.” You can watch the first 13 full cartoon episodes … Continue reading

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Evil Horde Group Photos (plus other Heroes & Villains)

Mattel Exec: “Hurricane Hordak is old news, boys. How do we make him better?“ Creative Director: “Glow-in-the-dark tested through the roof… Glow-dak?“ Mattel Exec: “Ugh, hell no.  We did that with Scare Glow.  I need something fresh, exciting… something to … Continue reading

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MOTU Photo Shoot & NES Discoveries

Welcome back, it’s been an exciting week in the basement. As the Dude would say, “New sh*t has come to light.” First things first, I did a photo shoot with a dozen of the MOTU figures. Remember HS senior pictures? … Continue reading

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Prying Open & Organizing the He-Man Box

“I have the power!…” and the time to clean the basement, so here we go.  Finally dug in last week and went through one of the boxes marked “He-Man” to see exactly what was hanging out inside.  I wasn’t surprised … Continue reading

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